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28 April 2015


Vulnerability and Music

As a singer songwriter I’m writing and exploring the whys of emotional vulnerabilities. Especially when you need to bring listeners into the story so they feel the essence of its life such that it becomes their own. As you step onto the stage of you’re musical world with all those eyes watching you with bated […]

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The Book & Its Launch!

On the day healthy nerves kicked in that settled to become my friendly encourager. The event started off with me explaining the three triggers to-date in my life that had lead me to be sitting on the stage……! When thinking about what to share this week. It dawned on me that I hadn’t let you […]

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Creative Fashion @ Me

      As a creative artist, it’s all about freedom of expression and clothes play a major part in this.  The eternal question is, “what should I wear?” The concept of fashion and me is an interesting one. Speaking to some friends, one said she wasn’t interested in fashion because her work as a chef […]

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Women Across the World..!

Hi I made it back… I think there should be an international boycott of Dior Magazine! How can Cara Delevingne, who is 25 years old, be the model of a campaign to promote anti-aging? She is in the prime of her life, not on the way out to pasture. Plus, why should someone at the […]

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5 Tips to My Stroke Recovery

Like Lewis Hamilton I raced back onto the track of life trying to make sense of everything. So when the first tear appeared I felt the danger in my mind but said to myself, not now…. I was healthy with a weight in good proportion to my body, exercised regularly, non-smoker, enjoyed the occasional glass […]

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How World Events Influenced my Creativity

The world is a political hub of constant instantaneous news intruding into our everyday lives whether we want it or not. Being creative doesn’t shield you from world matters. History has shown this through artists and songs such as Bob Dylan’s “Times are a Changing,” Bob Marley’s “Get up Stand Up,” Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going […]

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What Music Means to Me

It’s magical and can transform mine, yours, and others lives. Whether it’s the lyrics that make it ‘our or my song’ that resonates with those heart strings. In that key moment, it’s musical language is directing me to embrace a mood of either dance or possible chilled relaxation. It can shift a mindset, such that […]

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