Jango Radio CONFIRMS D’Casio’s music very popular with listeners #justsaying#



28 April 2015


What Music Means to Me

It’s magical and can transform mine, yours, and others lives. Whether it’s the lyrics that make it ‘our or my song’ that resonates with those heart strings. In that key moment, it’s musical language is directing me to embrace a mood of either dance or possible chilled relaxation. It can shift a mindset, such that […]

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Crown Lane Studio

This evening by invitation I will be at Crown Lane Studios, Morden attending the Eco Launch of their environmental recording studio.  Is this the first in fair London Town!! Or are there others already in the Green Zone!

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OFFICIAL D’Casio’s Music Industry Potential CONFIRMED   Stormy Weather has been earmarked by ReverbNation an international music platform actively seeking opportunities for this track within the Global Music Industry.   Listen and share D’Casio’s recent live music video https://youtu.be/faaepBXdG18 It also features her latest track UWillBeThere, which speaks to you if you believe someone special […]

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How Long

I want to say thank you for your continued support. I know it been some time since I’ve found time to sit down and re-cap on and share with you what’s passed, what’s now and to come. Right now my songs are doing exceptionally well on Jango Internet Radio and since mid January 14, I’ve […]

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I’ve just entered my song Stormy Weather the Re-Mix version with Atrium Music to join their catalog for music placements in films movies and TV…how exciting!!

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