d_casio-profileMeet D’Casio

D’Casio is taking the music industry by storm because seldom does an artist, arise with such a unique and delicate style.

D’Casio’s youthful talent was no surprise to her father who was a member of music’s hall of fame.  A musical heavy weight, as a young man he played the trumpet as a member of one of the most successful Jamaican bands of all time.  Even while D’Casio slept she was surrounded by melody, as her mother would sing to her.  With this rich musical heritage D’Casio’s musical talent was assured.

Due to the success she experienced as a diligent music and performing arts graduate, she is now ready to take her career into its next phase. As well as being a singing artist, her talents include producing and being a trained musician.

Based in the United Kingdom she travels widely.  D’Casio is the type of artist that would delight international audiences, royalty and people in high office, yet touches the heart of the everyday man and woman on the street.

No matter what age you are you’ll love her music as it is so easy to listen to.  Listening to her music is like opening a Pandora’s box of delights.  D’Casio says ‘I’ve got to create the music that I’ve been given’ and we are glad she has.

Her music is a unique fusion of neo-soul and RnB and her vocals simply have to be heard. Her harmonies seem to take on whole life of their own and tantalise the listener.  To say she’s an original is an understatement.  D’Casio is the epitome of style.  If you like exploring the ebb and flow of relationships, and the excitement of romance you’ll simply love her music!!!

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