Gennaro Ambrosino

"When I first listened to one of D'Casio songs ('Let Me Stay') I found myself going about happily for the rest of the day while singing it in my head...without being a music critic, I believe this is what makes a song and a music artist successful"

Marianne Alapini

"Inspirational original songs, passionate & soulful"

George Kelly

"Depth of expression"

Jayden Gittens

"She’s a great performer as well as vocalist, with a voice that is adaptable to different genres. She can put her unique twist on a song and make it original"

Sharon Faloye

"Unique sound and gift of writing"

Phyliss Shortridge

"Unique and distinctive singing voice, mature and classy singer"

Allison Marlowe

"You have an incredibly unique sound, which is fabulous!..there is no one else out there like you"

John Lyon

"Your voice has a dark, attractive, jazz tonal quality with a great dynamic range; it moves swiftly from powerful to quiet and fragile and back"

Diane Fishley

"You have a unique voice and you have great energy. You look good on stage with a confidence and presence. You have rhythm when you perform but most of all your particular music style is quite individual"

Anouck Giraud

"Your lyrics are very real so is your soul!"